Day Trip to the Medieval Period

My cousins, sister and I attempt to have a day together at least once every two months or so. Since we all had crazy schedules this summer, that wasn’t really able to happen. And then September rolled around. My younger cousin went off to begin his freshman year of college. I started my junior year. My sister began her senior year of high school. My older cousin was in the process of taking clients at a nutrition office and launched her own website (which you should all check out, so click here), and her boyfriend, who has been a part of our family for years and years now, began law school.

It’s safe to say we’re all leading pretty busy lives, but that didn’t stop us from finding a weekend to squeeze in a day for us to all be together – albeit we planned it three or four weeks in advance and kept our fingers crossed for nice weather.

Unfortunately, my cousin’s boyfriend was unable to come with us because he was swamped with school work, but the other four of us got up bright and early Sunday morning and took the drive to Tuxedo, New York for the Renaissance Faire for its final day during its Oktoberfest-themed weekend.

RenFaireSignEdit (1 of 1)

Everything was great… well, except for the bees that wouldn’t leave you alone… and the amount of time it took to get into and out of the parking lot, but we made the best of it.

I’ve always loved the Renaissance Faire, despite only going once when I was younger because my mom and dad took my sister and me. I’m a sucker for any sort of themed event, and particularly medieval-themed. There’s something about corsets, bows and arrows, jousts, and incense that just fascinates me.

Being able to walk through the little village, which is permanently built in Sterling Forest State Park in Tuxedo, was awesome. There were so many little shops and vendors, all showcasing their work and talents. It can be a little pricey to buy anything, but so much of it is handmade and absolutely beautiful, especially the leather shop that featured capes, skirts, and tops all made from 100% real, recycled leather.

Or even the bath and incense shop, which had so many different scents to choose from to burn, as well as fragranced oils that you could use to create your own necklace by filling a vial of your choice.

Being that it was a beautiful day, it was the perfect excuse and location to break out my camera. I haven’t really just enjoyed being behind my camera in so long, so it was so nice and relaxing to get to take some photos during the day, especially since I’ve been trying to plan a day to go out and shoot on my own soon, as well.

The Renaissance Faire employs over 250 costumed characters, which means that wherever you are on the grounds, someone around you is probably part of the performance. And they never break character… ever. One of my personal favorite costumes was the woodland creatures, or perhaps they were tree nymphs. My cousins, sister, and I noticed their costumes from far away and as they moved closer, we were only more intrigued. They caught us staring, and naturally, as performers do, came over to us in character. I think the man, who came over to me, expected me to flinch or move away when he put his finger to my nose, but I didn’t. Instead we just ended up staring at each other. The woman who was with him went over to my older cousin, and literally put a strand of her hair in her mouth, which was quite funny… and also weird, I guess.

And besides the characters, one reason alone to go to the Renaissance Faire is the food (and drinks). It’s delicious. I had been craving a gyro all week, which happened to be something one of the stands at the Faire offered and I was very happy. It was tempting to go for a ginormous turkey leg instead, but that line was crazy long. It’s a hot commodity over there.

We were also starving after the drive and not eating breakfast, so we were all happy to finally get our hands on some food. Even better than the gyro, I think, were the donuts. These mini donuts were so fresh and amazing. One was called Yabba Dabba, which had crumbled fruity pebbles on top and an orange glaze, and the others were pumpkin, which speaks for itself. These little rings were so yummy and a perfect little treat.

Donuts edit (1 of 1)

The cute little donut shop we got those from was also had the best tip jar I saw from any of the shops. Every time someone put a dollar in this tip jar, or any of the tip jars on the grounds, workers would yell, “Huzzah!” and everyone would be a happy customer. Extra points for the creativity here.

TipJar (1 of 1).jpg

From throwing knives, to ninja stars, to shooting arrows, the Renaissance Faire was a blast and I’m so glad my cousins, sister, and I got to spend the day together. Adventures like these are my favorite, especially with them.

I’ll include some of my favorite photos from the day below, so feel free to check them out. But other than that, I shall let thou be freed from reading. Definitely go check out the Renaissance Faire next season if you have the time to. You won’t regret it.


KissingBridgeLisa (1 of 1).jpg

knives (1 of 1).jpg

flowers (1 of 1).jpg

winteriscominglotion (1 of 1).jpg

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IMG_2656 2

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