Review: CoverGirl’s Clean Fresh Makeup

CoverGirl recently released its new Clean Fresh collection in December 2019 and surprisingly, I haven’t heard anyone talk about it. So, that’s what we’re doing today. 

I received three products in the collection from Influenster, who kindly selected me to be one of the people to review the line. The three products I received were: the Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation, Clean Fresh Cream Blush in sweet innocence, and the Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Stick in translucent (also called transparent on Ulta’s website). The line also includes a lip oil, which I did not receive. 

According to CoverGirl’s website, the Clean Fresh Collection is “made with skin-loving ingredients like coconut milk and aloe vera.” It is also formulated “without sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, and talc,” as well as cruelty free.

The products claim to give an “effortless, healthy-looking glow that lasts all day.”

I tried each of the products out for a full week to gather my opinion on how each performs. That included full work days, going to the gym, and general activities I would do in my everyday life. 

Here’s what I thought.


Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation

Let me start by saying that if you’re looking for something full-coverage, this is not for you, nor does it claim to be. I really enjoy this product because it’s easy to apply and evens out my skin, while still making it look like my skin. I can still see my freckles peaking through and it’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t cling to any dry patches. After 12 hours of wear, I didn’t notice any difference from when I first applied it. It lasted great and felt like nothing.

I also wore it to the gym during hard, sweaty workouts. While it did rub off a bit when I wiped my face with a towel (which every foundation does), it actually held up surprisingly well. I was really impressed by it.

However, it does claim to leave a luminous and dewy finish to the skin, which I don’t really agree with. The product has a nice satin finish, but I wouldn’t venture to say that it is luminous. 

The Skin Milk Foundation retails for $11.99 at Ulta for 1.0 oz of product. The range has 14 shades, which I think can certainly be improved. Sometimes brands release limited shades to see how the product sells, so if the line is a success hopefully CoverGirl releases more in the future. I will say that because of the sheer coverage I do think it can work across more skin tones than just the one it may be labeled for. 

Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Stick in Translucent/Transparent

I was so excited to try this product, but unfortunately I was left disappointed.

While the stick is very cooling – without causing a weird, tingly feeling – there wasn’t any highlight after applying it to my skin. Instead, it dried down and looked like nothing. Sure, the cooling sensation was great, but I’m not sure what the purpose of this product is. 

I really wanted something that would be a great summer product on hot days for a bit of dewiness to the skin that won’t sweat off as easily as a powder. It also retails for $10.99 for .24 oz of product, which is much too pricey for no results. 

I did try using the stick all over my face prior to any makeup application and while it felt nice, it wasn’t anything special. The swatches of the other shades I’ve seen do appear to be more pigmented, but since the translucent one disappears, I’m not inclined to pay that price for another. This is definitely a skip for me. 


Clean Fresh Cream Blush in Sweet Innocence

I’ve really been loving cream blushes recently because of the natural glow it leaves on my skin and this one has been an enjoyable addition to the collection. 

While the Cooling Glow Stick lacked pigment, this cream blush in sweet innocence had lots of it. A little bit goes a very long way. Fair warning though, it also dries very quickly. I tried applying it with both a damp Real Techniques sponge and a duo fiber brush. Personally, I preferred the brush a lot better. It was easier to blend the product and did so smoothly. 

This is definitely a product I will continue to reach for, especially in the spring and summer months. 

Like the other products in this line, the cream blush also retails for $10.99 for 0.5 fl oz of product on Ulta.

Overall thoughts

With the exception of the highlighter, I really enjoyed the foundation and blush and will continue to use them. For me personally, the Cooling Glow Stick isn’t worth it — at least not in translucent. 

If you’re looking for some lightweight products that still make your skin look like skin, I would highly recommend giving the foundation a try and since the cream blush doesn’t budge, it’s a great addition to some sweat proof makeup. 

What are some of your favorite drugstore cruelty-free products? 

Keep growing, 

Xo Alexandra

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